What are Vitamin injections?

Vitamins are the building blocks your body needs to run optimally, and the B vitamins are needed in higher amounts then what we can orally absorb.   Most of us are deficient, meaning levels are way below normal, let alone anywhere close to the optimal levels I want to see my patient at and since all B vitamins are water soluble they are safe at higher doses to speed up the building up of cellular concentrations over time.  These injectable vitamins are pure nutrients directly delivered to the whole body and by skipping the digestion process, 100% absorption is guarantee!  


Why do you need a vitamin injection?

Our body’s demand for nutrients markedly increased because of our very busy lives, the reduced nutrient quality in the American food supply, our stimulating world, our toxic world, the increase of inflammation of the gastrointestinal system and decreased functioning of our digestive system.  Most of us aren’t receiving the proper nutrition for us to experience optimal function. On top of this, for those taking pharmaceuticals, almost all, have been known to cause vitamin deficiencies in short and/or long term users.  This goes for those who indulge in alcohol consumption. Maintaining proper nutrient levels are our bodies first and most important defense to adequately handle physical and emotional stress, age gracefully, and keep our immune system strong to fight of disease.  Most of those who find them self always sick or taking a long time to recover from an illness shows a weak immune system and building up nutrient levels is a really effective first step.  


Why B12?

Vitamin B12, the foundation for many customized injections and the reason we started vitamin injection drop in clinics, is one vitamin the almost EVERYONE can benefit from, because almost EVERYONE is deficient, some much more deficient then others.   B12 has many forms but the one we use, the METHYL cobalamin, is the active and most available form and because it is ready to go, your body does not have to do the many steps to “turn it on”.  

B12, like all b vitamins, is needed for a lot of biological process, B12 specifically is most needed for energy or ATP production, it is crucial for nerve and brain function, it is needed for healthy red blood cells which optimizes oxygen to the body, to name a few.  You will notice an increased in centered calm energy, enhanced mental clarity and focus ability, stronger immune system, elevated mood and better quality of sleep. 


How does the B12 “Happy Hour” Clinic work?

All are invited!  My patients can schedule an appointment to come in anytime for a vitamin shot but the B12 “Happy Hour” is for patients and non-patients to come in without an appointment to get their “shot” in a casual atmosphere and is done on a first come first serve basis, wait times averaging 5-20 minutes.  We will have a brief time to meet to explain the process, make suggestions, answer any questions you may have and customize an appropriate mixture for the individual. Shots are given in upper shoulder and the upper outer butt area / gluteus muscle, which is what I always recommend especially when adding to the B12.


We have many options for you to add the the B12 injection.  Hey why not, you are already getting a shot, why not insure 100% of the best forms of other vitamins you many need and benefit from.  We can find a mixture that works for what ails you or you may decide each time you come in what may be the best mixture to customize you your needs that day / week.   It is up to you weather you just the b12, would like to add 1 or 2 options, or try one of our special preparations from the “Happy Hour Menu”.    All of these offered are generally safe and beneficial doing on a weekly basis for a while to build up to optimal levels, then maintaining on a less often basis depending on the individuals needs.  


Dr. Dana can come to you!

Dr. Dana offers services for private events like before weddings and other celebrations.  Can visit your gatherings at your home before a girls night, birthday party or even before you go to Las Vegas. (6 shot minimum and home visit fee - depending on distance) She also often sets up vitamin injection both at health fairs and festivals, watch for announcement in the ___ and Facebook. Usually a 6 shot minimum and home visit fee (depending on driving time and distance) applies.