Relax Sauna - Sauna Where You Wanna!


The Relax Sauna is not only affordable... but it is also PORTABLE!!! 

The Relax Sauna is one of the highest quality FIR Infrared saunas on the market, and it my opinion, it is the best! The is why...

Relax FIR Infrared Sauna is:

  • The only completely portable medical grade sauna available.  Can be easily moved or folded up and put away.  A perfect option for those who rent, do not have a lot of space, or would like to use it in multiple locations.  You can keep it in your guest room and put it away when you have company!  Folds up to the size of a large briefcase and a folding chair.
  • It takes 4 minute to set up.  Only takes up less then 3 x 3 feet of space.   
  • The patented technology uses a semi-conductor chip allows 4-14 microns FIR Energy, penetrating deeper, increasing healing.  Most saunas give off 20-60% FIR Infrared light but this one give off 95%, 3rd party testing and research to proven!  
  • Heats up in 30 seconds.
  • Your head is not inclosed in the sauna.  You can read a book or converse with others in a room.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Scientific documentation & research available.  The Relax Sauna company has validation of quality & effectiveness.

Infrared Saunas boosts immunity, stimulates weight loss, increases your energy, detoxes toxins from your body, helps circulation and lymph drainage, decrease pain, helps with wound healing, and used in the treatment for many chronic (such as cancer, Lyme disease, information, anxiety and depression etc.) and acute conditions (wound healing, and cold and flu).

I offer $200 off the $1300 price.  Please contact me to order or for further information please contact me.