Skype and phone consults available!!!

using skype for your online consultation

Skype is a internet application that you can use to make free, face-to-face, on-line video calls. Dr. Dana Michaels offers private consults, over Skype (or the phone), in the comfort of your home which for you may be much more convenient or necessary. An appropriate option for those who do not live in the area, who do not drive or have a car, or for those that find it difficult to travel to my office. You will need if you have a camera on your computer, an internet connection and a Skype account. (It is free to all if you do not have one yet.)

Email Dr. Dana Michaels at drdanamichaels@gmail.com with “Skype Consult Request” or “PHONE Consult Request” in the subject line. I am usually available 10-6 on Fridays for these consults, and if needed, may make an evening or weekend appointment on a case by case basis.

Ready for your appointment?

Download Skype and set up your account! I will send you an a Skype invite within 10 minutes of our appointment time. For new patients I request payment of the appointment at the beginning of the session. If labs need to be ordered or supplements (Vitamins / nutrients, botanicals, or homeopathic remedies) are needed, those will be separate charges and will be discussed in the appointment time.

Please Note - Skype Chat
If your appointment time has arrived and Dr. Micheals has not called yet, first check your email for messages, then you may send a brief chat Skype message or email. If our appointment are during my regular office hours, you may call reception.